Our Project RegionFrom airports, interstates, secondary highways, country roads, and city streets, our diversification within our concrete paving business is key to our success in the construction industry.

2008 Projects

Grading, Storm Sewer, Curb and Gutter, PCC Pavement, and Lighting Lincoln County, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Highlights: * 4 driving lanes plus turn lanes * Special median design This project was located on South Dakota Highway 115. The project began at 69th Street and went 1.2 miles south. It consisted of two phases. The northbound lanes were reconstructed in 2007. The southbound lanes along with the median, sidewalk, top soiling, and seeding were all completed in 2008... View Project

Reconstruction of US 40/287 West of Kit Kit Carson, Cheyenne County, Colorado

This project consisted of resurfacing and widening, placement of concrete overlay, drainage, two concrete box extensions, signing, striping, seeding and mulching, as well as other miscellaneous work on 7.48 miles of US 40/287 in Cheyenne County west of Kit Carson, Colorado. Due to a high amount of truck traffic the project was built in four phases... View Project

I-76 Colorado Sedgwick County, Colorado

Highlights: * 38' wide mainline paving * Grade A smoothness The Sedgwick County Colorado project was the first project in the state of Colorado for UPCI. The project consisted of 10 miles of shoulder rehabilitaion, concrete fast track patching and 6.5 miles of 38' wide mainline concrete paving... View Project

Rawlins Streets - Spruce St. Reconstruction Rawlins, Wyoming

Highlights: * Owner completion date was set up to open up the entire project to traffic by July 2009 * The project was opened up to traffic by November 2008 * Contractor found an existing wooden water line still in service (estimated from 1920's). The project was 1.03 miles long running through the heart of Rawlins, WY... View Project

Reconstruction of I-80 and Dewar Drive. Rock Springs, Wyoming

Highlights: * Reconstruction of I-80 east bound and west bound lanes - 4.5 miles in each direction. * Eight bridge replacements * New signal systems on Dewar Drive * Over 500,000 cubic yards of dirt moved * 87,000 cubic yards of concrete poured Upper Plains Contracting, Inc... View Project

Reconstruction of Taxiway Aberdeen, South Dakota

The Aberdeen Airport project was the reconstruction of taxiway "D". The existing taxiway was 50' x 6790' and associated connectors amounting to 50' x 1500'. The work included the salvage and stockpile of the existing surfaces, installing underdrain and subgrade excavation, placing Geotextile fabric, recycled asphalt, base course and 13" of PCC (concrete) pavement... View Project